We are Beli and Daniel, founders of Reakon, a brand that has its origin in two words “re” reuse and “akon” condition. Premium reconditioned computer equipment.

Marriage with two wonderful children, Daniela & Martin and we have always been together in all the companies we have had. We like difficult challenges 😊

Our beginnings in the business world began with the reuse of cartridges for printers, where we became a reference in Spain with the shop-ink brand. Due to different circumstances, we had to find a solution to get ahead and by chance we were our first client.

A client and friend advised us in 2016 that there was professional range computer equipment that large companies sold when they finished renting. We decided to try one for the company's positions and we ended up having all the equipment reconditioned.

We realized that we could buy a very top brand, at a very low price and also contribute to reuse. An ideal product, totally different from cartridges, but it allowed us to leave a much better planet for our children and our environment, just as we did before.

Today, we know that the choice has been correct thanks to thousands of happy customers, therefore, we continue with full motivation to bring savings on prestigious brands to the largest possible number of companies and individuals. We are lovers of good results and for this reason, we deliver the equipment in premium grade.

We put our experience at your disposal to adapt to any need with full attention. We are sure that you will achieve excellent results with our advice.

The most important thing is our team of professionals, of whom we are very proud, without them this adventure would not have been possible.

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